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Support your local shelter
While taking care of your pet

When you shop

When you shop select collections at Healthy Pet Planet a percentage of your purchase will be donated!

We give

These donations go directly to local shelters that we've connected with. Currently, these shelters are located in Canada and we'll look to do more as we grow, all thanks to your help!

And make pets happy

We chat directly with the shelters to find out what they're needing most.
Typically, shelters ask for food, treats, and occasionally toys to help train and entertain their current pets.

Featured Shelter

Toronto Humane Society is the largest, non-government run shelter in Ontario, caring and finding homes for over 3,000 animals in need every year.

It is the mission of Toronto Humane Society to promote the humane care and protection of all animals and to prevent cruelty and suffering.

Following no kill principles, Toronto Humane Society aspires to be a best-in-class animal shelter – working in partnership with the community to find creative solutions and improve outcomes for all animals.
Healthy Pet Planet is a proud sponsor of the Toronto Humane Society, donating every month to their Sponsor a Kennel program.
Few things bring as much joy as a loving pet.
Adopting this guy has brought me some of the best times and memories I've ever had. That's why I made it a mission to directly support shelters from the very beginning at Healthy Pet Planet.

Every time I visit a shelter, looking at all the animals there just gets me. I wish for all of them to find loving homes and helping the shelter to be able to take good care of them is the next best thing.
Lucas Giraldo
Healthy Pet Planet
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