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ZooMed Vita-SandZooMed Vita-Sand
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ZooMed Vita-Sand


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All Natural Vitamin-Fortified Calcium Carbonate Substrate. No artificial colors or color sealers. Excellent substrate for Bearded Dragons, Uromastyx Lizards, monitors, geckos (including Leopard Geckos), and desert tortoises.

  • Increases calcium delivery in all desert species of reptiles.
  • Fortified with vitamins and beta carotene for increased health benefits.
  • Does not contain fat-soluble vitamins which can be toxic in large doses.
  • Ultra fine grade to help prevent against impaction from over consumption.
  • Available in 6 colors.


ZooMed Vita-Sand

Product Options

Item Number: VB-05
Size/Color: 5 lb, Blue
Item Number: VB-10
Size/Color: 10 lb, Blue
Item Number: VG-10
Size/Color: 10 lb, Gold
Item Number: VM-10
Size/Color: 10 lb, Mojave Mauve
Item Number: VO-05
Size/Color: 5 lb, Outback Orange
Item Number: VO-10
Size/Color: 10 lb, Outback Orange
Item Number: VS-05
Size/Color: 5 lb, Sahara Slate
Item Number: VS-10
Size/Color: 10 lb, Sahara Slate
Item Number: VW-05
Size/Color: 5 lb, Sonoran White
Item Number: VW-10
Size/Color: 10 lb, Sonoran White

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I used Vita-Sand® for my Hermit Crabs?
A: YES! Hermit Crab Sand is the same component as Vita-Sand®. This is a great substrate for Hermit Crabs!


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