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ZooMed T8 Flora Sun Maximum Plant Growth


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This high intensity lamp with peak emissions in the blue and red regions serves to maximize the photo biological processes in plants. The emission spectrum closely resembles the absorption curve of chlorophyll-A, promoting maximum photosynthesis, ideal for planted aquariums, or terrariums. Also great for shy fish species such as Dwarf Cichlids, discus, etc. Use in conjunction with Ultra Sun® or Tropic Sun®. Zoo Med’s line of fluorescent aquarium lamps are made in Europe for ultra high quality, color, and longer burn life. Our energy saving T8 sizes can save you up to $30.00 per year in electricity over the thicker T12 size lamps! Effective up to 10,000 hours.


ZooMed T8 Flora Sun Maximum Plant Growth


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Item Number: FL-18
Size: 18″
Watts: 15 w
Item Number: FL-24
Size: 24″
Watts: 17 w
Item Number: FL-36
Size: 36″
Watts: 25 w
Item Number: FL-48
Size: 48″
Watts: 32 w


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