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    Zoomed ReptiTemp Digital Thermostat


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    • Temperature control range: 50°F to 122°F
    • Controls Temperature by turning on heating devices in “HEAT” mode or by turning on cooling devices (e.g., fan) in “COOL” mode.
    • Remote Temperature Sensor with 6 foot cable.
    • Controls up to 600 watts of heating devices.
    • Controls up to 150 watts of cooling devices.


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    Item Number: RT-600



    RT-600 ReptiTemp Instructions


    1 Year

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: Where can the probe for the Digital Terrarium Thermometer be placed?
    A: The probe for this thermometer can be placed in the substrate, wrapped around furniture or branches or taped to the side of the tank. Please be sure that your animal cannot chew on or entangle itself in the cable.



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