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Zoomed PowerSun H.I.D. Metal Halide UVB Lamp Fixture


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Metal Halide UVB Lamp Fixture, specialized for the PowerSun® High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D.) UVB Lamp. Includes a ceramic socket, integrated ballast, highly polished reflective dome, and double wall construction for safety.

  • High Output UVB & Heat Lamp for larger habitats
  • Truly Sun-Like Bright Naturalistic Light for terrariums.
  • 6500K color temperature & 95 CRI for amazing color combined with UVB, UVA, and Heat from one lamp!


PowerSun® H.I.D.

Interested in Zoo Med’s High Intensity Discharge Metal Halide Lamps? Watch this video to learn more.


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Item Number: LF-95
Size: 7.5″ bottom diameter


1 Year



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