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    Zoomed NANO 30 External Canister Filter


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    Three stage external aquarium filter uses mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration to keep your nano or small aquarium clean and clear!
    • Great for filtering nano tanks or aquariums from 10-30 gallons.
    • 160 Gallons per Hour.
    • Comes complete with spray bar system, mechanical filter sponge, bio ceramic media, and carbon.
    • Easy priming feature.
    • For freshwater or marine aquariums.
    • High Quality – Made in Europe.
    • Provides greater aeration with the included spraybar.
    • Removable hose-connecting device.
    • Adjustable flow control system.
    • Easy-to-open filter head.
    • Calibrated anti-vibration bushings.
    • Space saving device.


    Formerly known as the Nano 511.

    Nano™ 30 External Canister Filter
    Zoo Med’s Nano™ 30 is the perfect filtration system for Aquatic tanks up to 30 gallons. Here’s Ashley to help you set it up.



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    Item Number: TCN-32



    1 Year

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: Does the Carbon bag go above or below the ceramic media in the filter chamber?
    A: The carbon bag should go below the ceramic media.

    Q: How often should I change the carbon?
    A: The carbon should be replaced once a month.

    Q: How often should I change the ceramic media?
    A: The ceramic media should only be changed if it is restricting water flow. It can be rinsed each month.

    Q: How often should I change the sponge(s)?
    A: The sponge(s) can be rinsed monthly but only need to be changed if they cannot be cleaned or if they start to break down.

    Q: How do I prime this filter?
    A: Be sure that the canister is completely full of water and that the fill cap is in place before plugging the filter in.

    Q: What is the ceramic media for?
    A: The ceramic media provides surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow. This bacteria will help trap other bacteria and break down waste trapped in the filter.

    Q: How often should I clean my filter?
    A: Once monthly is usually sufficient for one turtle. If you have more animals, it may be necessary to clean it more often.

    Q: What are the dimensions of the included tubing and hoses?
    A: The 2 tubes are 10 7/8″ with a diameter of 1/2″; the 2 hoses are 2′ long with a diameter of 5/8″.


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