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PetPals - Adjustable Feather Toy

PetPals - Adjustable Feather Toy


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Cats are natural hunter and predator, these instinct needs to be fulfilled for them to develop healthy and live a balance life. Our toy collection is design to meet their needs of chasing, scratching, playing, interacting and exercising. PetPals carry the most unique design cat toys in the market, different style and material of scratching post, interacting feather wands and teasing toys for owner to participate in playing, treat filling tumbler toy and led ball for chasing, grooming gloves to pamper our furry friend.

PetPals “Pearl” and Pheasant” are two classical and interaction collection that provides endless fun between you and you “pals”. The pearl rod is adjustable, can be extended from 15 to 38 inches.



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