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Oxbow Enriched Life - Play Wall - Large


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Enriching your pet's daily life starts with supporting natural behaviors such as exploring, playing, hiding, and chewing.  Oxbow Enriched Life is designed with these natural behaviors in mind and is constructed from 100% pet-safe materials, allowing you to nurture your pet's mind and body is safe and fun ways every day.

Product Highlights

  • Innovatively designed to meet key instinctual needs of small pets
  • Encourages mental and physical enrichment
  • Wide assortment of items provides fun and stimulating play
  • Made with safe, natural materials

Feeding directions & Additional tips

Offer different chews and toys on a regular basis to keep your pet's life enriched.

Ingredients and Guaranteed analysis

Materials: seagrass, untreated pine, untreated gugertree wood, sisal, palm, rattan, loofah, bulrush, corn leaf, raffia paper


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