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Kong Cat Zoomgroom


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  • Easy grip brush is flexible and gentle
  • Groom; bathe and massage your cat
  • Helps prevent hairball formation
  • Durable material for extended use
  • Ergonomic grip for easy use
The KONG ZoomGroom® for Cats massages and grooms at the same time. The soft, rubber fingers are a magnet for loose hairs. Helps condition skin and reduce hairball formation. The gentle massage action calms cats, especially in potentially traumatic situations such as veterinarian visits.


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Kong ZoomGroom (or as our cats know it, "Purple Brush") is absolutely their most favourite of all brushes ever! The humans love that it does a good job of removing loose hair and that the cats finally don't fight brush time! The cats love how it feels - they will actually beg for brushing rather than fight it - any time, and even several times a day. The cats will often lead us to the cupboard where the brush is kept and ask to be brushed! (We keep them in a cupboard because apparently it also feels good on kitty gums to chew them, and we'd rather not have to use a slobbery brush. Plus, it deteriorates them rather quickly if we let them chew on them.) Purple Brush time is our cats' best time of day! Kong is king in our books!!

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