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K&H Kitty Sill

K&H Thermo-Kitty Sill


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Engineered for extreme strength and easy assembly, the K&H Kitty Sill is purrfect for any cat that enjoys basking in the sun. In fact, this ingeniously designed cat perch can hold up to 40 pounds! The ultra-comfortable orthopedic foam and super soft fleece cover provide your cat with ultimate comfort while sunbathing in your window sill.

On the heated Thermo-Kitty Sill, the removable heater provides that extra warmth your cat craves. Its internal thermostats warm to your cat’s body temperature when in use.

No tools are needed for installation when using the hook & loop fasteners. Screws are also included for those who prefer a more permanent installation. Please see our Kitty Sill instruction manual for further details.

This great K&H product is MET listed for safety and includes a one-year warranty.

  • Indoor use
  • Accommodates even large cats with its 14" x 24" size & sturdy design
  • Consumes only 6 watts (heated model)
  • Removable heater for easy washing
  • Sleeping surface provides orthopedic support
  • MET Listed (heated model)
  • Warranty: 1-year


Care & Instructions


Here are some tips when assembling your Kitty Sill:

  1. Place the Kitty Sill perpendicular to the floor with the screw holes facing up.
  2. Put the legs into the corresponding holes.
  3. Push hard with a downward motion toward the floor.
  4. Legs will click into place.

Washing Instructions

  1. Unplug & remove the internal Pet Bed Warmer (heated model only).
  2. Remove the cover and wash it on the gentle cycle with cold water.
  3. Line dry or use the no-heat cycle on your dryer.

Testing Your Thermo-Kitty Sill

You can test the sill's heating pad by placing a large pillow on top of it. After about 20 minutes, feel under the pillow. It will feel warm, not hot. DO NOT use an extension cord during this test.

The surface of the bed will be about 15°F above ambient air temperature until the pet lies on the bed. Then it will warm to about 102°F, which is the natural body temperature of dogs and cats.


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