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K&H Car Seat Saver

K&H Car Seat Saver


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Enjoy traveling with your pet without the worry of rips, tears, dirt, or pet hair ruining or staining the back seat of your vehicle.

The cover simply loops over the driver to passenger headrests, covers the back seat and floorboards, and loops over the back seat headrests. It also serves as a deterrent for pets jumping in the front seat.

There is a convenient pocket to hold leashes, portable water/food dishes, and toys.

Made with double-ply heavy denier nylon with a water-resistant coating for extra protection.

Coordinates with the Travel/ SUV Bed.

  • Coated with water-resistant material
  • Formed from strong, double-ply denier nylon
  • Prevents dogs from moving to the front of the vehicle
  • Defends against dirt & moisture
  • Fits most standard and mid-size vehicles
  • Dimensions: 54” x 56”
  • 1-year limited warranty


Care & Instructions

Washing Instructions

Due to the waterproof nature of this fabric, it is best to spot clean it with soapy water. If it is a bigger problem than a sponge can handle, we suggest hosing it off.

If you have an extra-large washer and the cover fits loosely inside, it can be machine washed and line-dried. Otherwise, you can take it to a laundry facility and use an extra-large capacity machine. Please line-dry to maintain the integrity of the vinyl coating on the backside of the fabric–this is what keeps your car protected.


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