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Our favourite treats

These are a few of our favourite treats!
Canine naturals chews

100% rawhide-Free Chews

Hide Free Chicken Chews start with USA Sourced and Raised Chicken as the first ingredient and use ABSOLUTELY NO RAWHIDE OR COLLAGEN in production. Available in retriever rolls, knots, and sticks and in sizes from mini to extra-large we have the perfect sized chew for your dog.


Veggie dental strips!

Here’s an effective all-natural dental chew your dog can really sink her teeth into. These tasty Veggie Strips are made with only six primary ingredients and effectively help remove plaque and tartar and reduce the bacteria that causes bad breath.

Double purpose

Meal Mixers

serve them as toppers or on their own

These meal mixers can be served as a topper to your pet's meal and while they are technically not categorized as treats, we find that they can make for a tasty treat on their own!

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